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Quick Details
Main Ingredient:
ALOE VERA, red giseng , manuca honey
Time Used:
Supply Type:
Place of Origin:
South Korea
Age Group:
Acne Treatment, Anti-Aging, Moisturizer
Cream, Lotion


Organic Ginseng Lotion
Total care organic lotion contains aloe, Manuka honey, and red ginseng for beautiful skin!

Soyedodam Total Care Organic Lotion

Nourishing and moisturizing effects for lustrous skin!

Soft and radiant skin


Organic Lotion

95.17% of natural ingredients are organic


Total care organic lotion contains organic aloe vera leaf water great for skin hydration, manuka honey containing vitamin, mineral, protein, etc., and ginseng extract which helps improve skin resilience not only provide moisture and nourishment to skin but also makes skin healthy and lustrous. Because it does not contain purified water and uses pure natural ingredients as base, it helps moisturize and calm skin.


Effective use: After basic moisturization, apply by gently patting skin for absorption.


What is Soyedodam Total Care Organic Lotion?


No purified water! It does not contain purified water and uses pure natural ingredients as base, it helps moisturize and calm skin.


Healthy and lustrous skin!Saponin in red ginseng provides resilience and energy to fatigued skin for maintenance of healthy skin. Red ginseng extracts supply nourishment to brittle skin for lustrous skin.


Pure natural ingredients! Pure natural ingredients not only calm sensitive skin but also protect skin from harmful external environment. It helps clarify and cleanse dull colored skin.


Nourishment and moisture at once! Aloe extracts and Manuka honey extracts react to the temperature of skin, immediately providing rich nourishing agents and strong moisture.


Aloe, Manuka honey, and red ginseng for beautiful skin!

Effects of aloe: Aloe contains high levels of moisture which is absolutely necessary for skin, to provide oxygen for healthy skin.

It is more effective for moisture supply and it helps moisturize dry skin.


Effects of Manuka honey: Made from honey collected from tea tree flowers grown in the Manuka woods of New Zealand, it is rich in natural ingredients such as vitamins, minerals, and proteins, for healthy skin.

It keeps skin soft.


Effects of red ginseng: Ginsenoside and phenol in red ginseng relieve pigmentation, erythema, freckles, etc., reduce expiration of normal keratin cells, and makes skin healthy, improving diminishing wrinkles.

Relieves skin aging through promotion of antioxidant activation of argine-fructose in red ginseng.


Effects of olives: Olive oil rich in vitamin E and unsaturated fatty acids provides great skin care effects. Massaging with olive oil will provide skin softening and smoothing effects.


Carefully chosen ingredients ~

Organic aloe vera leaf water, Organic aloe vera leaf extract, Organic olive oil, Stearyl alcohol, Organic green tea extract, Organic Beeswax, Cetyl alcohol, Cetearyl alcohol, Organic shea butter, Skullcap extract, Peony root extract, Licorice extract, Xanthan gum, Honey(Manuka honey) extract (UMF10+), Red ginseng extract, Organic hottuynia Crodata Extract, Citron extract, Plantago Asiatica Extract, Lavender Oil, Rosemary leaf oil , Rosewood oil ,Mandarin peel oil, Allantoin



Parabens , Synthetic or chemical preservatives, artificial color, synthetic fragrances, Petrochemical raw materials, silicone/mineral oils , EDTA,TEA